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White Knight Partners is Investing Today in America’s Future


White Knight Partners, LLC (WKP) is a unique private equity firm. It was created to invest the hard earned dollars of Main Street business professionals into a practical fund that seeks out long term opportunities (LTO’s).

We seek business professionals who desire to know the details of the fund prior to investing. We invite our participating investors to learn about each investment opportunity to determine their own risk tolerance and which investment may be right for them.

Our target market LTO’s are as follows:

  • Distribution, Manufacturing, and Logistic Companies with revenue between $500,000 to $20,000,000
  • Income Producing Real Estate (IPR)
  • Acquisition of Commercial Bank Debt (CBD)

We invest our funds in LTO’s that provide WKP a majority interest or controlling management position so we can professionally manage each asset.

While past experiences of investment returns are not indicative of future results, WKP is proud to be involved at the ground level with its participants; rolling up its sleeves, executing strategy, improving efficiencies, and helping businesses flourish in an effort to provide economic growth and optimal returns.

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